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Thread: 2004 Static Event Schedule

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    Dick, Cincinnati would like your feedback as well. Car #43
    B.J. Stoney
    Bearcat Motorsports Alumni '02-'07
    University of Cincinnati

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    SVSU #64 would appreciate feeback as well!

    Thank you,
    Daniel Deussen
    Saginaw Valley State University Alum
    Cardinal Formula Racing '99 - '05
    FSAE: 6th in '02 and 8th in '05
    FSG: Member of the Operative Team (Scrutineering, Dynamics)

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    University of Missouri Columbia would also like to hear some feedback, we are car #2, please email us or stop by our paddock area in Detroit.

    Thank you,
    Eric Attebery

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    You'll be sorry
    I offered feedback obn design reports last year and was almost overwhelmed. To this day I am not sure that I answered everybody.

    Seriously, I am sure the teams appreciate having design judges that are available for feedback.

    The trick is ... There is no trick!

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    My good Irish rodent friend, living in the land of some of my favorite stouts:

    That's why the SAE pays us the big bucks! <grin>

    - Dick

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    Rutgers University, car #29, would greatly appreciate your feedback. Thanks in advance.

    -Joe Cowin
    Rutgers Formula Racing
    SAE - dream college....Motorsports - dream job

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    This rookie team would appreciate some feedback as well...École Nationale d'Aérotechnique, #137.

    Thanks a lot!

    Marc Jaxa-Rozen
    École Nationale d'Aérotechnique

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    Hey Dick,

    University of Toronto #43 would like feedback too. I just read through ours again - it's funny how some of the finer points and predictions change over the course of dynamic and static testing. Can't wait to see this mid-pack rise in quality - we are very eager over here to hit the ground in michigan - but need some hot days too.

    Jeremy Koudelka
    Technical Director
    University of Toronto Formula SAE

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    University of Toronto is #94.

    Jeremy needs sleep.

    Vinh Pham
    Toronto FSAE Alumni 01-04
    2003 Formula Student Champs!

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    Carleton University, team 13, would love your feedback on our Design Report.

    ...Vin, that was CLASSIC! I know what you mean by needing sleep...
    Carleton FSAE Alumni
    Petty Enterprises Race Engineer

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