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Thread: FSAE Lincoln 2012

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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by StevenWebb:
    That will make comparing efficiency between petrol and electric a bit easier, just measure the fuel the generator uses to recharge the electric cars. </div></BLOCKQUOTE>Where's the "like" button?

    A diesel generator for our trailer would give us a most convenient way to dispose of all that low-hour used Rotella T and Mobil 1 the car seems to make...
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    I have a couple questions about the new venue. SAE, please do not take this as an attack, I think it's a great move and a much better facility for our competition.

    Does the Lincoln site hold more teams than the California site? If so, why is the limit still at 80 teams? If I've read things clearly, part of the move was to accommodate expansion of FSAE. Would SAE be willing to increase this limit in the event of a full house?
    Steve Pierson

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    Steve: not to steal SAE's thunder, but I think I have a good chunk of the answer: I have very little doubt that Lincoln could accommodate more teams than California; Lincoln Airpark is where the SCCA Nationals are held these days.

    Outside of the venue, there are other things that drive how many teams a competition can accommodate, such as the number of volunteers, design judges, etc. Even if they do plan to expand I can easily see them waiting to build on that half of capacity until they get a year or so to work out the quirks of the venue switch.
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    There is definitely the ability to increase event size and SAE is not opposed to that; however for the first year we feel keeping the size at the 80 max is in the best interest of the competition. This will allow us to ensure volunteers receive proper training while maintaining a great event for all involved.

    Also I am not if you read the Official Formula SAE News page but recently we posted an article about the Lincoln site and future competitions. Expansion of teams and use of the site is being considered. Here's the link to the article: 2013 Formula SAE Electric

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    Whats the word on power? Comparing an event with a 150$ registration fee (SCCA Nationals)to one with a 2k$ registration fee just doesnt sit well for an explanation as to why SAE wont look into the prospect of providing power for the student teams? I dont mean to be rude at all, but as a student team, many of us cannot afford the extra costs and wish for a solution!

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    Thinking about the electric cars in the future it will also add an extra problem, especially for oversea teams. Just think about shipping a generator that is able of providing 15kW. Not even talking about the cost of buying it (btw: for only one event since all the other electric events provide power for charging the electric cars).

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    Just to drop some numbers:

    Looks like a 20 kW generator, diesel, trailer mounted, runs $350 for the week from Lincoln Cat. Might not be bad split between a few teams.

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    Hi every body,

    I want to be a volunteers for the event and I sent an e-mail at the address that is on the sae website but I don't have any news about it. Somebody have an idea of who I can contact?

    Thank you!

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    @ Sam B.
    I would be the person to contact (Kaley Zundel). If you used the email button on the Formula SAE Lincoln volunteer page I would have received an email. To date I have not.
    You can email me your interest directly kzundel@sae.org


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    Thanks Kaley!

    I just sent you a e-mail. Tell me if you received it.

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