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Thread: Design of a composite monocoque chassis

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    Hi all, my undergraduate thesis was the design/manufacture of a composite monocoque chassis, pretty much as a solo effort with some help on the materials testing and a fair bit on the manufacturing side. Long story short, my team hasn't been functioning that well of late, so unfortunately or maybe fortunately the chassis will never hit the road. To give you some idea, I also pretty much built the teams 2009 chassis solo, as well as designing and manufacturing a large part of the suspension components (it kinda gets depressing when you work 40 hours a week on the car over winter break and no one else is in more then a handful of hours a week).

    So instead, I've decided to share it with you all, hopefully some of you may get something out of it, and hopefully I will get some critique/comments/feedback from people who know better then me have done something similar, so that I get something out of it too.

    End of the day, my final thesis report is nowhere near as complete as it could be from a F-SAE perspective but it was enough to get the marks I wanted, I could easily double or even triple the word count and I did consider adding a bit more before I posted this, but lazyness, work and life has gotten in the way, so here it is an early christmas present. I pretty much wrote it in 4 days so excuse me if it is fairly concise. To cover some shortcomings I'm sure will come up immediately in the design, yes I know more testing would have been better. And yes, the FEA package I used probably wasn't the best for the job, I did get HyperWorks towards the end of the project, but porting everything over despite how easy hyperworks is to use was something I never quite got around to, but it is something I plan to do when I get the time (working fulltime now). And yeah I know I didn't address structural equivalency at all. End of the day, I had to manage my workload on the project, and I'm happy with the end result as a 1st gen product.

    Anyway, here it is uploaded to mediafire http://www.mediafire.com/?mfitnm3ulzm let me know if there is a better way of hosting it. Feel free to share.


    p.s. The car would have sidepods too, but I decided it would be pointless to design them at this stage as they wouldn't be structural anyway. Also the seat would be a sandwich structure glued into the tub, but decided to leave it out to simplify things.

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    Very impressive!! I'm looking at doing the same thing you did. Very interesting.

    I saw you had a bunch of references, which would be your most useful reference for the design of the monocoque?

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    Hey Ben,

    Well done. I only scanned through your thesis at this stage but it looks very thorough. It is easy to see just how much work you have done. Just doing the structural testing would be a thesis in itself. I will definitely be showing this thesis to others in our team. We currently use a space frame chassis with structural sump plate and rear bulk head.

    It was a shame not to see UQ at the comp this year. UQ was a real FSAE power house back in the days of Frank, while he was a bit gruff he certainly got things done. What does the future hold for UQ?



    ACME Racing

    Academy Racing 04-07, 09-11

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    Originally posted by oz_olly:
    What does the future hold for UQ?
    I would say at this point in time, the future is looking grim. But time will tell...

    And thanks for uploading this ben! i was going to ask you for a copy at some point. We need to go ridding sometime soon too.


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    Does anyone have a copy of Benns Paper? The link seems to have been removed.



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    <STRIKE>Yep, send me an e-mail, the address is in my profile</STRIKE>

    Try this http://dl.dropbox.com/u/643443...chassis%20thesis.pdf
    UNSW 2006-10

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    Is this paper still available somewhere?

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    Is this paper still available somewhere?
    Billy Wight
    University of California, San Diego - Formula SAE 2004-2006

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    The dropbox link wasn't working yesterday, it is now, thanks!

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    Could anyone repost/let me know if there is somewhere else that this paper is hosted?

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