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Thread: Thanks UTA and Dr. Woods!

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    D'oh! One hour later...
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    Please, try again later.
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    Any more photos or maybe some track video?
    Sunday's autocross??

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    Thank you UTA, Dr. Woods, and DFW SCCA and all those in attendance. It was a great weekend, overall I think the cars lasted longer and the weather was more bearable than last year, making for a really fun weekend. I'd never used 4th gear before so getting to it twice per lap was was kind of hair-raising. I understand some went to fifth.

    I'll try and get my photos and in-car video up in the next few days.
    -David Y

    LOBOMotorsports '03-'05
    Stanford Formula for 2007

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    Thanks to everbody for the kind words. We enjoyed as much as you. It was a really interesting event and I am glad you all came. We really enjoyed watching people drive our cars and getting their reactions.

    I have prepared a summary report with photos of the teams and cars both days and all three track maps on our website http://fsae.uta.edu. Sorry we don't have any video, but I could post some g data. In a day or so I will post all of the times for the weekend.

    -Dr. Bob Woods

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    Thanks again Dr Woods. We all had a great time the entire weekend. I only wish I would have had a chance to drive one of your cars. Maybe next time.

    Dont forget to send some cars to Nationals...I want another shot at you guys with the suspension adjustments you and Kohler suggested &gt;: )

    -nick roberts

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    A few pics and a run from the Sunday track.

    -David Y

    LOBOMotorsports '03-'05
    Stanford Formula for 2007

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