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Thread: Help : Digital bathroom scales for corner weights

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    given you are watching the costs closely perhaps a shared purchase may be the way to go since the corner weighing is not something you need to do all the time?

    A second thought is to check consumer magazines for reviews on these things...and don't automatically assume digital will be more accurate than analogue for this item.
    Some of these things are off by major amounts.


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    To save some money, you only need 2 scales to do the job. Use them on the front to get their weights even - the rear weights will follow.

    Of course, the 4 corners need to be the same height from side to side. Don't bother too much about getting the rears the same height as the front - a small difference isn't going to be measurable in its effect on the weight distribution.

    Also, most bathroom scales are pretty flimsy, so it is advisable to reinforce the top surface with something. 1/2" or 3/4" plywood works well.

    Also, try to get the tires as close to the center of the scale face as you can - getting too offset towards one edge or the other will usually throw the accuracy off, especially with mechanical scales.

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    It's true that every one looks for anything in there budget only. one of my friends who is searching for Weighing Scales purchased it from digitalscalesaz.com in his budget and now he is totally satisfied with it and enjoying the scales.


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