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Thread: Topology Optimization of a Formula SAE Upright Using OptiStruct

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    I'm in China,I did not find the place to download the SAE paper that is "Topology Optimization of a Formula SAE Upright Using OptiStruct".If some would send it to me ,I would be very grateful.my e-mail is zhong901222@gmail.com.

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    If you are an SAE affiliated team, you should be able to get 10 free papers per year....


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    I'm glad to see my work being leveraged for FSAE designs, but I would like to issue a precautionary warning when using the noted paper I published:

    There was some underlying work in this paper that was not directly showcased. I attempted to make the paper mutually beneficial by using a component from my FSAE alma mater, but the true intent of the research was to examine the behavior of a commercial topology optimization algorithm when subjected to parsed load cases as opposed to combined loading scenarios. This is an important consideration as optimization algorithms can struggle with local versus global maximums/minimums. As such, the boundary conditions were intentionally simplified so as to allow design iterations to be performed more rapidly. I should also note that the design domain used was overly constrained based on a predetermined method of manufacture.

    For those referencing this paper, I encourage you to explore the use of topology optimization as a tool in your design cycle. Analyzing parsed and combined load scenarios will also help you to understand what the algorithm is trying to tell you with regards to material allocation within your design domain. If you're attempting to use topology optimization software for the first time, or even if you're studying a new design domain, I strongly urge you to consider such an approach.

    In closing, your topology optimization analyses will need to be tailored to your specific application. Morphing or altering the design proposal presented in the results of my work will likely be far from optimimum for your vehicle.

    Good Luck!
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