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    Red Bull is hosting a Formula SAE track day at Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama on January 20. This will be a competitive event, consisting of three events similar to the dynamic events at competition.

    The event is open to any FSAE team willing to make the drive. All teams interested in participating are urged to email bsflyer@gmail.com.

    This is going to be a fun day. I hope to see you all there.

    Ben Steele - Auburn Formula SAE

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    Has this event taken place in previous years?
    Is it a one day event?
    Do you have a list of teams already attending?

    John Hunt
    Treasurer, UFSAE

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    1. Yes, they tried it last year with a few teams and it was a lot of fun.

    2. It is all day one day.

    3. We are working on that, right now we are trying to see who would want to come and make sure we have enough people.

    More info will be up soon once they have an idea how big it will be. This was a lot of fun last year with only 2 cars. This year we hope it will be much larger. Please ask questions or feel free to pm Ben Steele or myself. Thanks and hope everyone's new cars are going along great.

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    Is there any type of entrance fee for the event, and if so how much?

    There might be a chance Clemson would come. Keep me in the loop about this, my email is wesleyj@clemson.edu if you have any sort of mailing list going.


    Clemson FSAE

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    No entry fee, and you will they usaly hand out free stuff aka more red bull then the gas it will take you to get there.

    ps red bull is looking to make this safe and fun they want to copy our races and events and have a good time. They will have a saftey inspection and expect everyone to be safe. Thanks

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    That sounds awesome! I have wondered about trying to organise a similar thing here in the UK, although no necessarily with a sponsor like that.

    Can someone tell me how this came about in the US - did Redbull contact some teams about doing it or was it vice versa?

    Might like to contact them about a similar thing here...
    Jenner Collins
    Class 1 Group Leader
    Oxford Brookes University, UK


    Never give up.

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    From my understanding, the Red Bull representative at Auburn got together with the Auburn team and set it up last year at a go-cart track (perfect FSAE sized road course). Our team from MTSU went but our car wasn't fully operational at the time, so we didn't compete. We still had a lot of fun. Very laid back.
    MTSU FSAE 2004-?

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    Thats about it, We worked with them to make sure it would be safe and good for fsae cars.

    Are you guys able to come this year?

    Also anyone is able to come watch, but it would be nice if you tell us you are coming. thanks

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    Not sure if you meant me/our team, but we are ove the pond so unlikely! :P
    Jenner Collins
    Class 1 Group Leader
    Oxford Brookes University, UK


    Never give up.

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    Jenner I kinda of guessed that you might not jump the pond for this. I was asking sr20detjt if they would show up.

    For everyone eles they are still open to more teams.

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