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Thread: Same set of tires for dry and wet conditions

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    i just needed to inquire if we can use the same set of street treaded tires available for both dry and wet conditions.


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    There is nothing in the Rules that prohibits a team using treaded tyres in the "dry". And, as long as they meet the minimum tread depth requirement, you can use these same tyres in the "wet".

    Usually, street tyres are durable enough that a team that is short of cash can fit a set of treaded street tyres and use them for the whole competition.

    Everyone does need to remember that by Rule, the tyres fitted to the car when it enters scrutineering are the "dry tyres"!!

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    You can run one set of tires for both if, as Micahel said, the tires pass the tread depth requirement. Just make sure to go through tech with them on the car and formally declare it on your tech sheet and you should be fine.

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