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Thread: Formula SAE West 2006 Competition: - Updates, Pictures, Stories, and More.

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    First day- It was hot. Cheers to the team with the kiddie pool.

    Cal Poly SLO has a cool carbon/carbon rear brake. UTA has some aggressive wings and a cute little motor- I can't wait to hear it sing. It was hot.

    Tech seemed to be a stickler on mounting the intake to the engine only- I saw at least one car with it on the chassis who passed tech in Detroit.
    Cal Poly Pomona

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    We are offically calling our "kiddie pool" Short Beach. The Pool was pretty nice, probably one of our best $8 investments and shows the planning we put into the competition :-). It was not offically a great idea until the air jets were installed and the mist-er got the proper air flow behind it :-). Tomorrow's plan involves a palm tree, the RV with the tv, finding honey's (girls), maybe some sand not in that order though. Well I am off to bed, 7:30 driver's meeting and all.
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    First impressions of Cal Speedway as a site for the event:
    This place is sweet. It's so much nicer than the Silverdome. There are actual buildings to have the events in. There's plenty of space for all of the teams. The parking spots are big. Each team has water and power (even a 220v outlet!!).
    The facilities are first rate.

    We'll see how the events go tomorrow.

    It is a little hot here. The Oklahoma guys had a pool with bubble jets and a mist system.
    The WWU guys had their dyno fan blasting through their tent – pure genius.

    I'm uploading some pictures now. This hotel is pretty liberal in its classification of ˜High Speed Internet'. It might take a while.

    There should be about 440 pictures (37 pages).
    The link should be:

    That link may not work until all of the pictures are uploaded. If you can't wait, you can delete the ˜index' part of the address and find your way to browse the images individually.

    These pictures are from me and Justin Foote – both WWU alumni. That will explain the overabundance of pictures from WWU. Sorry about that.
    James Waltman
    VRI at WWU Alumn
    FSAE ˜01 to ˜05

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    so what tricks does western washington have this year, v-8? cnc'd car?
    Mike Duwe
    UWP Alumni

    Former Drivetrain Leader and Team Captain

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    Wow...that weather...is...amazing... talk about tire temps being where they should be!
    B.J. Stoney
    Bearcat Motorsports Alumni '02-'07
    University of Cincinnati

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    Forecast for
    Fontana, CA (92335)

    On The Spot Weather
    Forecast Conditions
    High/Low ?F


    Jun 15
    90?/62? 20%

    Jun 16
    91?/63? 0%

    Jun 17
    93?/65? 0%

    Who wants to speculate about the endurance attrition rate at 93?F?
    "...with powershifts and tiresmoke for all"

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    do you mean drivers, spectators, or cars? this summer's already a scorcher, and i don't expect this weekend to be any less warm.
    Mike Miles
    Carnegie Mellon SAE/Carnegie Mellon Racing -- Formula SAE 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006

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    After welding all of UTA's car, and CNCing all the parts for it, I got nasty sick right before it got finished. Now I'm at home instead of driving it. Does anyone have any pictures of it yet? I haven't even seen it in painted bodywork.

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    Thanks for the pics James. I especially apreciate the OSU pics, I was bit thrown by the almost candy apple red paint at first, as I haven't seen the car since before body work and powder coat. But the question is where were the UW pics?
    Josh Gillett
    Oregon State FSAE '04-'06

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    is that a rotary damper on that monoshock roll bar?
    Finished @ UofT Racing

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