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Thread: Formula SAE West 2006 Competition: - Updates, Pictures, Stories, and More.

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    Well done to RMIT knew the results had something strange going on!
    Aussies 2-3 and singles how good is that!

    Mark Hester
    rmit fan club

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    mexellent pictures

    Here are all my endurance pics all RAR'ed up. Right click save as

    Shoot me an email if you want a bigger copy. The originals are almost 4mb each.
    UTA Racing '05,'06,'07,'08................................... ...

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    Video of the 2006 FSAE West Design Final/Review


    Not too sure how long we'll be able to host it up there, so if anyone wants to rehost that would be great!

    UBC Formula SAE

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    ...who uses RAR anymore?
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    So, both from personal recollection and from the pics I've seen, UM-Rolla had quite a lot of roll in autox and endurance. Not to say that it was very detrimental, because their car clearly performed dynamically very well, but I wonder whether:
    A. It was intended/designed to be relatively soft in roll.
    B. The wing up high raised the CG making the car roll more
    C. It just looked like more roll because it's easier to discern roll with the wings.
    Anybody from UMR have an answer? What's the max roll angle you guys see?

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    The giant rear wing makes it look like a lot more roll than it really is. The car was setup a little softer in the rear for traction reasons, but it really didn't roll all that much. Less than 2 degrees max for sure, and usually around 1.3 or so, at least in the rear. The front was less than that as it was stiffer.

    And the car has a CG height of less than 9" w/ me in it, so the wing doesn't have that big of an effect on CG height.

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    Lost & Found items @ FSAE West. Did anyone lose any of the following?

    Folding chair, dark gray with cupholder
    Umbrella, blue & white
    Jansport backpack (black)
    Turquoise string with beads
    Helmet bag, black, HJC brand
    Helmet bag, green, no logo
    HP calculator with cover
    Arm tethers, pair, RCI brand
    Arm tether, single, RJS brand
    Gloves, single: 1 Tillman TrueFit, 1 RJS, 1 Driving Impressions

    If so, please drop me an e-mail offline to see if we can verify if it is yours and we'll see if we can reunite you with your stuff.


    I am also putting together a PowerPoint presentation for the local SoCal sponsors nexgt month. If anyone would like to send me a disc of images (no money, but we'll credit your school), please mail the disc to:

    Dean Case
    4733 Torrance Blvd. #405
    Torrance, CA 90503

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    Can you give a general deadline for the CD of pictures? Also what kind of pictures are you looking for (build pictures, dynamic driving pictures, competition pictures... etc.)
    Cal Poly Pomona

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