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Thread: Formula SAE Australasia 2010 Competition: - Updates, Pictures, Stories, and More

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    At UWA we had a lot of trouble getting the car finished on time this year. It's a combination of making lots of changes to the cars design and having a much smaller team than usual.

    The car was only finished 6am Saturday morning, and only ran on the track for the first time in the Sunday afternoon enduro. Sounded quite awesome after the muffler blew up. We were all really glad that the track marshals allowed us to keep running for a while with no muffler to see what sort of speed the car actually had.

    We're hoping to take the car to another competition in the coming year if we can organise the funding. Hopefully we're able to compete with some top teams again.

    Thanks a lot to all of the other teams who helped us get the car running and through all of tech, it's much appreciated.

    Congratulations to Monash who blew everyone away. Their car was truly amazing.


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    We were really happy with our result.

    Probably the best organized and run Australian comp ever, everyone at SAE did a great job.

    Was a really shame that UWA, Auckland and RMIT did not get much running on track, but many smaller teams really stepped up this year, particularly Swinny, Melbourne, UTS, ADFA and QUT.

    More comments and lots of videos from our incar camera to come later but just wanted to remind everyone who is still in Melbourne tomorrow that we will try to organise a drive day at Silhoutte (or Oakleigh if they are busy) tomorrow (tuesday).

    We plan to do car swaps and tyre swaps.

    At this stage I know that ourselves (Monash), Auckland, Swinny and Melbourne were interested. We should have Avons, Goodies and Hoosies available. If any other teams are keen please get in contact with us ASAP and post your contact details here, everyone is welcome.

    Steve Webb
    0404 384 310

    James Michaud
    0448 989 206

    Scott Wordley
    0414 852 369



    Scott Wordley

    Scoring in every event for the last 12 comps running!

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    Hi all

    Firstly I'd like to congratulate monash on such a dominating win. Their professionalism is a cut above at the moment

    The weekend from deakins point of view was a little disappointing but also encouraging. Our car was completed the thursday night and with no testing time it was always going to be tough and we certainly ran into our fair share of niggling issues. We did eventually get out for a run and the car did show it has potential.

    Probably the most dissapointing to happen to us was the allocated scrutineering. We were due to go in at 12:50 and I think we actually got in around 3:00 this made it impossible to get back and fix the tech prolems we had.
    I really think something needs to be done in regards to the way tech is run to make it fair to the teams who are later in the order.

    I'd like to thank some of the other teams througout the weekend especially monash Adelaide, adfa, uts and the uni of Sydney all of these guys helped us out with quite a few bits and pieces
    I also wish we could have opened up the tent
    a little more and had more of a chance to show off the sidewinder but we were all that busy it was hard to work and talk at the same time.

    Hopefully the guys next year will get a car built early and have time to iron out all of the bugs. If they do it certainly could be a bit of giant killer of a car.

    Oh and that uwa car sounded so good on it's enduro run and it got even better when the muffler parted company

    I think that's all I have
    Deakin Race Technologies 2007 Floor Sweeper
    2008 Team Manager
    2010 Team Leader

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    New here but my 2nd event. We had a reasonable result considering our budget.

    The first time I met Pat. I was told he would smile and be friendly and then smash us with some dynamics questions. That did not happen.
    Pat was smiling and friendly and smashed us with some electrics questions LOL

    Really a good event and good on Monash and Swinny


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    First event out, bar watching last year and having no idea what was going on. That's pretty much the well Melbourne always does it.

    We're super happy with our performance, we hit the weekend amazingly prepared with heaps of track time down, passed scrut, tilt, noise and brakes first and posted good strong times for every event.

    Skidpan gave us our first ever Dynamic event podium, and it was massive to finish a tiny bit off the pace and come in 4th. Very happy with a top 5 finish, especially being ahead of some really strong teams and given the calibre of the teams that made top 3.

    We're recuperating and re-energising (and sending some boys to OptimumG), so we'll have photos and videos up soon.

    We update the website heaps:
    Have a youtube channel:
    And I think maybe a twitter, but I don't use that.

    Expect soon good stuff up soon. Oh, and we're doing a coffee table book for sponsors this year! Should be very cool.
    MUR Motorsports 2010

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    ADFA made personal best on a few events and a PB overall at 7th. I would like to thank anyone who lent us anything or gave us a hand. Cheers to the organizers too for allowing a schedule change with our static events due to graduating commitments of our university.
    It was a great comp, I hope everyone had a good time and got what they wanted out of it.

    Cheers all.
    Matthew Chapman

    ADFA Racing

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    Missouri just wants to thank everyone in the Australia event for being incredible people and outstanding competition.

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    Well done to Curtin, completing all events for the first time!

    Also well done to Deakin, good effort considering your team size this year!
    Curtin Motorsport Team 07-08

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    Melbourne Uni will be at the car swap tomorrow. We will be meeting at uni at 8 try get to Silhouette by 10ish. Will bring some cones and set up a track. We have some Hoosiers but they have a fair few clicks on them but other team are welcome to try them. Would like to see what temp they run at on other cars.
    Call me if you need any more information.
    Hayden Cameron 0414 366485

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    UTS won't be at the swap tomorrow, we're heading back to Sydney tuesday morning.

    We had a good comp (our best ever) and it was great meeting everyone, especially Swinburn, Monash, Mizzou and Auckland.

    Pete Ringwood
    University of Technology, Sydney.
    041 319 8488

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