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Thread: Hey all you Aussies...

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    I'm thinkin of going to Newcastle Australia for a semester next year. I'm not sure how the whole bottom side of the world works, so I have a question. In what months do your semesters start, and in what semester would I have the best weather? I'm from Wisconsin, so I can handle anything from +85F to -10F, -40F if I put my coat on, lol. It really depends on the humidity as far as heat goes, but I'd prefer below 85F with 40-50% humidity. I'm guessing our fall would be your spring and our spring would be your fall...am I correct? Thanks.
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    First semester starts at the end of Feb or start of March, and runs 3 months, Second semester starts around the end of July/start of Aug. These depend on which uni you end up at, and change each year usually....

    Seasons are as follows.... Summer - Dec, Jan & Feb, etc. and obviously best weather during summer. Unless your on top of the highest mountains down here (or in Tasmania;p) you prob won't see much below 0C (32F)

    So that said prob best to come second semester and hang about after it finishes to enjoy the summer... But that's just my 2c

    Andrew Costin

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    take some pictures of some kangaroos and Holden's for me absolute.
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    Or some Holdens that have hit Kangaroos.


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    If anyone askes tell them that you are from Canada. Appartently most young folk in Aussie think that we are all a bunch of foaming at the mouth Bush supporters which they are not fond of since some Aussie soliders got friendly fired by us. I just talked to two engineering kids that got back from doing that and they couldnt believe the attitudes toward americans. I guess there is also an not so underground dislike of Jewish people as well (In a lot of jokes and such). Maybe surfers paradise is only like this but i dunno. It was kind of shocking to here but then again maybe not with all the controversy they have violence between inmmigrant groups and native born. Not saying all are like what I have just said but be aware. If any Aussie are offended by this I am sorry. I'm sure you guys would mention bad things you heard about us if you were coming over here.

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    Huh. Good to know. Maybe that's why only one person answered my question.
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    "The pleasure of driving shouldn't be something that's reserved for people with very deep pockets."-Conor (I modified it a little bit)

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    I've been to Australia three times now, and have found everyone extremely friendly and courteous there. I just recently returned, it is one of my 'favourite' places, well, anywhere!

    Unfortunately, Anti-American (more correctly, anti-Bush) sentiment is growing everywhere in the world, even in North America. You do see a fair bit of Anti-American jokes, and politically motivated things on TV. I do think the younger generation in Australia is probably fairly anti US Policy, which transfers to our citizens as well, to an extent. As an American, it makes me sad that this is happening, but I've never had any of it transferred onto myself in any interaction with the people themselves.

    I believe that when Bush was re-elected a lot of the anger towards the Bush administration was transferred to the American people. And I kind of got the feeling that the new Democratic election has made the Aussies a bit more forgiving of the Americans. Not trying to be policital or judge anyone, just my observations.

    The average Aussie is smart enough to understand that an American visitor is not the enemy and they've no reason to be negative towards them, no matter how unhappy they are with Bush.

    Anyway, sorry for the long post. If you get the chance to study in Oz, I say go for it, you won't regret it.
    -Charlie Ping

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    A bunch of people from mech eng at McGill do semesters in Australia (UNSW, UWA, Melbourne off hand), and they all say the same thing about the people: "They're like Canadians with funny accents". Or another favorite "Think southern hemisphere newfies".

    Matt Gignac
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    First semester:

    Do your first semster (Aug-Dec?) in US winter, maybe head out early for an aus summer on your own and to miss the tail end of your winter, do their first semester (Feb-June?), stick about briefly in aussie winter with new mates, do your first semester (Aug-Dec?) as the weather tails off again.

    Second semester:

    Finish your second semester (May?), short US summer with yer mates, do their second semester and then aussie summer with new mates before heading back late for your second semester (Feb?), having had two summers and missed most of the US winter.

    Second semester gets my vote on the basis you finish work in the sunshine, party in the sunshine, head off somewhere new for a semester in the sunshine, party in their sunshine, then get back in time for your sunshine again... You can go out early to get the aussie summer if you did do the first semester thing, but I think summer would be more of a blast if you'd got to know folks out there (by being there) beforehand.

    From what I've seen of exchanges, it's usually easier to catch up on stuff you've missed if you catch the tail-end of 3rd year then do 4th year rather than doing the first bit of 3rd year then missing the tail-end of 3rd year before being thrown into the deep-end during the final-year - not sure what your particular course arrangements are though.

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    Thanks Marko, that's really good information/advice.
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    "The pleasure of driving shouldn't be something that's reserved for people with very deep pockets."-Conor (I modified it a little bit)

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