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Thread: Formula SAE West 2012 Competition

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    Although this was my first competition with a car, I have been to the previous three competitions on Fontana and I will have to say that Lincoln was a much better site to host the competition at.

    I'm partial to dynamic events, so having auto-x and endurance courses representing a course that you'd actually find at a Solo2 event is a big plus, and rumor has it that next years courses will be even faster. All the California and Michigan courses have always seemed limited by space and designed to be very tight.

    The Lincoln site also provides enough space for two practice courses, one being a mini auto-x course, which I thought was brilliant.
    -Richard Mazur

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    Originally posted by J. Vinella:
    First off big congratulations to the UW Huskies for winning design. UW has not won design at a FSAE event since team #1 oh so long ago, current team is T23 and have gone to (24 competitions).

    Anybody have notes or video of the design review?

    Looking at the videos it looks like the courses were fast and slow, but not much in the middle. Props to the course designer for putting up many many pointer cones. In that open lot it would be hard to navigate otherwise.

    Looks like S&T smoked autocross on those 13"s

    What is the overall impressions of new West (mid-West) vs Old Cali West?
    we're not complaining....4 hour drive vs the 30

    But really, it was a great venue. Nobody on our team had any problems whatsoever with the track. Static events were in a good location. The only real thing that we wish they would have done different is put the autox/enduro closer to the paddocks (we're being picky here alright?!) And there were the typical growing pains with training in new personnel, etc.

    All in all, I heard a lot of positive feedback from it.
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    Results posted.

    I like the addition of the "team information" page at the end of the results. Bravo to the officials for that.

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    Great event...Hats off to the SAE.

    I really liked the event location, seemed like there was a lot more stuff around the area then Fontana. The actual paddock was nice and the pushes weren't really too bad. The practice track was a great addition.

    Would love to see padock power as all the generators were annoying, but other than that it was a great experience.

    Looking forward to next year.


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    This was the best FSAE competition I have attended, the practice track was great. For future years it would be good to see the tech inspections proceed a bit quicker, getting through 32 teams on the first day can really make competition hectic.

    Im looking forward to future events at Lincoln.

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