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Thread: Solo Nationals 2013, Lincoln NE

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    Any one else going? We've got some "red tape" per-say to try and get ours down there but the whole team is pushing our department to let us go It'll be the first for us but I know a few of the other teams here regularly make it.

    Just curious to see who else we can expect out there.
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    Glad to see you will be there. UTA will bring two cars.

    Dr. Bob Woods

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    I've been trying to get our team to go to one of these for awhile. How many drivers are allowed per car and is the registration fee per car or per driver?

    Also, what is everybody doing for lodging? Given that our budget is pretty much nil at this point in the year I'm looking into a camping site.
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    2 driver per car.

    Registration is for each driver.

    Last year we just 'camped' in our trailer. The weather was decent so it wasn't half bad.

    I'm sure we, KU, will be there with a car or two.


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    Would be nice to see some new faces out there. registration is 165$, but jumps to almost double in about a week or two. Check here for all the info:


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