Baltic Open 2013 will be hosted by Helsinki UAS to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the competition.

Date for the event is 8.8.2013-11.8.2013, next weekend from FSG.

For those unknown to Baltic Open here's a quick info package:
Baltic Open is an unofficial Formula SAE / Student -style event started back in 2003 by teams from Helsinki and Luleå. Baltic Open is characterized by replacing the static events to be more dynamic, offer more team interaction and to include special events like Super Slalom and city centrum show run. Baltic Open is known for it's atmosphere and it offers a better chance to make and maintain team to team friendships and focuses on allowing team members to network more with fellow competitors. This is further promoted by allowing alumni teams and vintage cars. And of course it's fun and the battle for victory is fiery!

-No static events (that affect the final scoring)
-No run limits
-More challenging and exciting autocross track
-Pitstops and repairing allowed during endurance
-Special events
-Vintage and multiple cars allowed
-Electric cars welcome
-Vintage cars must have passed scrutineering in any official event in the year of duty
-The winner will be offered a chance to organize and host Baltic Open 2014 (limited to Europe though)

-Baltic Open will be held in and around Helsinki, Finland
-Best ways to travel from mainland Europe are ships leaving from Travemünde and Rostock, or driving through Via Baltica or Sweden
-Some teams are already planning on combined transport to save on costs, this is more than recommended

-Registration fee is 150€ / car + 25€ / person
-Price includes at least simple accommodation, breakfast, 3 days of dynamic events + 1 car swap / test day

-We're accepting up 30 cars
-Registration requirements
-Registration Phase 1 is from 14.02.13 14:02:13EET(+2) to 23.02.13 23:02:13EET(+2)
-Registration Phase 2 is from 01.03.13 01:03:13EET(+2) onwards

For more information check our facebook or website at

Baltic Open Team