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Thread: Suspension setup sheet

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    Hello everyone ... I don't want to be a sort of a drop bear here or what so ever ... But really this is my second time on kinematics analysis which I've done with no tire data ... I only referenced to RCVD ch.2 " Tire Behavior " ... And I was wondering if I've done it right ... Please excuse my ignorance through this .. I'm just a beginner .. Here is the setup sheet for the design ... Also am I doing the setup sheet right .. Anything missing anything not accurate ? Really many thanks in advance and Good luck all . Here is the link to the document HFS14-VD-K-PD109#1
    Marwan Alabassiry
    HFS Racing Team
    Helwan Uni.

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    Fitz Matush
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    Thanks .. However I guess that the setup sheet in your link is a bit advanced ... I mean for the whole car before a certain race or an event ... Of course it's awesome .. And thanks again .. Here check out this one as well
    Marwan Alabassiry
    HFS Racing Team
    Helwan Uni.

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    As the linked Lotus spreadsheet notes, it would be helpful to have a more encompassing spreadsheet. Sprocket? ARB? Spring rate? Bump stops? Differential setup/shims/engagement could be included. Damper setting?

    If that were handed to me as a set up for the car, it would leave many, many questions. If there is something that could be variable or should be checked for certain specification, it should be on the sheet.
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    Could not help.... See the name of the engineer on the top of the setup sheet; Julien; he is a former OptimumG intern.
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