Hi all,

I am writing to officially offer an invitation for teams to enter and compete at this year’s FSAE Australasian event, to be held from December 6th-10th 2012 at Victoria University Hoppers Crossing campus, near Melbourne Australia. Although the registration deadline has passed, we can still squeeze in a few more teams and therefore I'll just put this out there and see who is interested.

As per previous years, the Australasian Formula SAE event will feature the typical 4-day FSAE event program from Thursday 6th December through Sunday 9th December, with the competitive aspect finishing with the Endurance Event on the Sunday. Note that the Australasian Formula SAE event features more “drive time” than any other FSAE event. Each competing team can complete 8 individual laps of AutoCross on the Saturday afternoon, followed on the Sunday with 2 heats of Endurance per team. We aim to give each team as much drive time as we can squeeze into one weekend.

But this year, we have got a bit more planned...

On Monday 10th December, the FSAE Australasia event will include an additional "FSAE Social Day" for all competitors. The day will feature:
• Feedback sessions from judges of static events, and officials from the various dynamic events
• Technical and automotive demonstrations from auto industry experts
• A careers and recruitment fair
• FSAE Social drive laps, where you may offer members of your team, or team supporters, the opportunity to drive your FSAE car around the 2012 FSAE Endurance Event circuit
o All drivers will need appropriate CAMS licensing, which we can arrange on the day
o All vehicles will need to be fully scrutineered and signed off for FSAE competition
• And more...

Then from Tuesday 11th onwards:
• Mr. Claude Rouelle will offer his world-renowned Optimum G FSAE racecar vehicle dynamics seminar for FSAE students from Tuesday 11th until Friday 14th December – see the Optimum G website for details.
o This year, Claude's course will feature analysis of real vehicle dynamics data acquired from cars at the FSAE-A Social Drive Day on Monday 10th December
• SAE-Australasia will offer a two-day FSAE Design School on the principles of FSAE design management, on Wednesday 13th and Thursday 14th December
o Content will be founded upon on the “Reasoning Your Way Through the FSAE Design Process” thread as featured on these Forums
o This purpose of this School is to help new or inexperienced teams work through the complex task of managing a Formula SAE project
o Speakers will include experienced FSAE campaigners including Dr. Scott Wordley from Monash University, myself and others
• For those wishing to attend both the above courses, the SAE Australasia FSAE Design School will be repeated on Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th December. It is rumoured that Claude himself may attend at least part of weekend FSAE Design School

Pricing details for the FSAE Social Day and FSAE Design School are yet to be finalized, but will be priced appropriately for a student audience. Likewise, Claude prices his FSAE Optimum G seminars at a dramatically discounted rate when compared to his equivalent industry seminars.

This year’s FSAE Australasian event promises to be the best yet, and we can accommodate a few more entries. Remaining places will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis.

Please contact me via email if you would like further details.


We hope to see you at this year’s event!

Kind regards,