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    I started working 2 weeks ago on a Locost project. And coincidentally, read Pat's thoughts about Locost builders and mistakes. I was going to use "Build your own sports car" as a guide and have noted the same issues regarding the lack of good engineering basics and the loads of not-to-do stuff going on.

    I decided to use it as a guide line for internal spacing. However, I think that I'll go mid-engine to use a FWD engine to save money, weight and better dynamics. I want to keep the project as simple as possible, reliable and cheap. So I'll be using OEM parts as much as I can or manufacture it myself. I'm waiting my company's factory to be built where I'll be manufacturing my car.....hopefully.

    My main goal is to design a fun car rather than a racer...I'd love to take it to the autocross though.
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    AUMotorsports Team Leader 09-10
    Alexandria University, Egypt.

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    The mid-engine idea is very interesting. Do you plan on following the Locost way and retain Lotus 7 body work? Keep us updated!
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    Nice. I approve of this message.

    Photos as they come please!

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    bike engined kit car is on the cards after FS is no longer in my life.
    Looking forward to it!

    Have Fun

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    I'll take my time with this project, not succeeding in building a working FSAE car is quite nagging me.

    Anyways, I started with a Locost build then iterated it. Was planning to use a M44B18/19 BMW E36 powertrain. I'm not going to use a bike engine because I want to be a road sportscar than a track car, so reverse and low speed smoothness is much appreciated.

    Revising the book's build with some of the safety rules we have in FSAE and FIA, it does indeed needs some work. There still some decisions to make whether to have a windshield or just a small one and use helmets. Wither to have a complete roll cage and or a hard top or an open car. I'd like the latter but I do fear theft which rampant here. Ingress and egress must be easy too.

    Now If I go mid-engine using a Honda B16A/C, I fear that it would be more rear-engine than a mid one.
    Conveyor Systems Design Engineer - EgyRoll
    AUMotorsports Team Leader 09-10
    Alexandria University, Egypt.

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    If you don't use a bike engine the E36 is playing at my next heart string. well done!

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    The stupid thing is that I'll never be able to get it road legal with the current stupid laws... well screw the laws. I'll take it to the parliament if needed..

    PS. As for the factory, what will be available cnc sheetmetal cutting and forming machines such as HD plasma, punch, bender and cutter. Also, will have turning lathe, mig and tig welders and an electric crane. Furthermore, a sandblaster and electrostatic paint oven. Couldn't ask for more ^_^

    The materials will be on my boss ...Hopefully he keeps the promise.
    Conveyor Systems Design Engineer - EgyRoll
    AUMotorsports Team Leader 09-10
    Alexandria University, Egypt.

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    You should consider yourself lucky having access to such machinery....and for the free materials too! As for getting it street legal, we have the same problems here in Greece. possible solution (although maybe a bit expensive): Get it to UK, pass SVA and MOT (you can do it pretty easily as long as your vehicle is designed with reasonable safety features in mind), get a UK license plate, get it back and import it to your country to get plates there. Might be applicable to other countries apart from UK...

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    we are very lucky here in the UK with regards to SVA!
    also you'r lucky to have all that equipment, wish we had that much to build and FS car!

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    Rolling Camel,
    Years ago there was a company in Australia producing a mid engined variant of the Lotus 7 clone (a locost in all but name) using the original Mini as the power source.

    The vehicle was sold in kit form to avoid tax and was built under the name NOTA with the FANG model having the mid engined configuration.

    The frame was square steel space frame and the panels were fibreglass.

    This design might give you some ideas for your project.


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