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Thread: Our 05 Car in Progress (Maryland)

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    I don't see you guys signed up for this year. Are you building this for next year's competition?

    Sorry to jump on you with everyone else but I don't think the drivers feet are protected well enough.

    Will you post some more pictures of whatever that chain drive is on the rear end?
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    Aah, it's beginning to dawn on me now...

    '95 or '96 car?

    Spring cleaning, eh? Somehow our ancient cars never stayed together like that.

    Maybe I should be getting more sleep...
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    Dude, no way is that car that old. It's hot, you love it...I know you do. Look at it! The mo-fo's tip top! That thing is so dope! What better to use for water lines...COPPER...duh!! It's cheap, easy to assemble, and looks like total crap. And how about that wireing job. You all must have put your best guys on that one, no doubt! Hell the front end doesn't even look crashed three times.
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    Apparently none of the team members from 2004 made it to this year because I wouldn't want to be in the car pictured when it rolls over.
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    fsae.com meets the wonderful world of internet trolling...
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    It's actually our 92 car. It's shown in the "history" pdf on the SAE web site. It's incorrectly listed as our 93 car. It was purple and pink back then.

    We were just having some fun with you guys.

    We actually have a pretty nice car this year, that so far has been able to keep the rubber side down.
    "Dr, Schultz...I'm drunk!" -any UM Baja team member

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    haha... baja...

    all I have to say is: crate motor
    Bryan Hise

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    I have checked the link you have posted. the car still looks fairly fine. I guess the carburetor should be checked..this is the best thing that you can do.

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    well, you should not give up as the carburetor team leader man. Just check your car properly. Don't be bothered. your teammates trust in you...
    carburetor maniac

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