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  1. MultiBody Walking Dead Simulation

    Engineers are known for solving problems, and if they don't have problems, they create them so they can work on them. Employers, however, don't support problem solving tools unless there is an...
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    Nope. Weights different, distribution the same, ...

    Nope. Weights different, distribution the same, cornering compliances the same means you would need different tire properties to accomplish
    the same steady state gains and response...
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    Enf is Enough- II

    I use the term "ENF" to describe steer ("E") from aligning moments and tierod forces (N) at
    the 'F'ront axle not resulting from any steerig wheel movement. Other compliances (inverse of...
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    Thank You, Doug !

    Thanks, Doug !. It's been so boring here, I went out and cut some hay and baled it.
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    Compliance with the Steering Rules.

    I am disappointed but not surprised at the lack of response, comments or interest in the steering compliance results posted here by Vishnu. (Commendable job, BTW, and very brave to reveal your data...
  6. Why not something Different.

    4 high lift drones (coordinated under a single controller). Move it anywhere.

    REALLY BIG tires. Why lift it when it comes already equipped ?

    Exhaust driven balloon. Will force engine team to...
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    Nut Case

    Maybe its not a nut problem but a hub, stud or bearing problem.
  8. 2nd Verse, same as the First.

    BTW, My preference is for the independent variable to be on a geometric axis, so wheel travel is up and down, etc...

    There are quite a few more suspension parameters that are usually specified as...
  9. May I have the Envelope, Please....

    The accepted answers for a well documented, K&C verified, displayed, filleted, and dismayed common production front suspension.
  10. Nice !

    What does your software predict for this layout ? Then we can compare ! (Let me know when you have a solution).
    This is a kinematic AND elastic formulation (as in reality). Get these close and...
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    Uber FSAE

    While you are contemplating self-driving FSAE cars, keep in mind that these vehicles can have very poorly defined, designed and unsigned vehicle dynamics (unlike the Bolts you have mentioned). There...
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    Normal Mode Analysis

    Instead of just dealing with a trivial "chassis torsional stiffness", do a normal modes analysis in FEA and also on the actual car so that chassis, motor and steering parts don't get fastened to...
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    Understeer Problem ?

    This refers to a FSAE car or your Kart ? If it's the FSAE car, a discussion about this situation would be interesting to the Peanut Gallery as well as the players.
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    Gimme a brake.

    Brake pads. Friction is your friend. Looks good on the cost report. Easy to develop using an old lawn tractor as a dyno. Just add some bumps.
  15. Just Give me Some Kind of Sine

    Except that the provisions for Ackermann, negative Ackermann or parallel steering makes that suggestion an unlikely possibility. (It's a
    mistake for teams not to know which way to go in this case....
  16. Party Like It's 1999 (Prince)

    See ? And this is just a simple SIMULATION of the ISO On-Center (Weave) test. It uses approximate lateral acceleration computed as the
    product of yaw velocity and forward speed.1181

    Now, it...
  17. Take Your lumps

    A couple of thoughts on this subject, but may be a repeat of a previous post somewhere in a thread far, far away.

    Steering shafts out of sync, out of phase or out of plane can have a profound...
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    Beleave It or Not..

    Actually, I have some of this data for a few years. Its in Excel spreadsheet(s). Here's a sample from the 2015 Event(s)1167

    You'll be hard pressed to correlate dimensions with results, though,...
  19. Smart App

    Several recent papers out there showing use of raw data from an Android phone (GPS, gyro, and ay) to calculate vehicle dynamics test values. Some may snicker because they can afford to use a $20,00...
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    Solar Flares

    Z. We likey !

    Count on some dream team to construct body panels and aero devices from photovoltaics. For front tires, I'd like to see a 'twin-tire' implementation with skinny low rolling...
  21. Ghost Buster

    It's a ghost town because so few members know what 'simulation' actually is. They confuse simulation with 'tools' . In that case, my best simulations here on the Farm are my Milwaukee battery...
  22. And the answer is: SYNTHESIS

    You would not pick the understeer as a target for a FSAE car. That would be a constraint, goal or target if you were designing a vehicle with large payload changes or anticipating forseeable misuse...
  23. Reality Check

    Take a look at what is probably more like a FSAE car:

    DF=2, DR=1

    DF=2, DR=2

    and DF=1, DR=2.

    Total wgt = 200 kg, distributions 40/60 and 50/50, wheelbase = 1600 mm, steering ratio...
  24. And the answer is ....

    "at the roadwheel" is a common oversimplification and may be the reason so many cars are mischaracterised and so many simulations come out wrong.
    You may be missing the compliance (or lack of) at...
  25. Simple Tests

    There are two simple tests ALWAYS run on mule or prototype cars headed for road tests:

    1) a 'Ride Toe' test. Do it on a wheel alignment machine if possible. Otherwise, measure each wheel on an...
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