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  1. *** UPDATE *** Just received confirmation from...

    *** UPDATE ***

    Just received confirmation from the rules committee that its fine;

    Your Front Bulkhead Support (FBHS) structure is properly triangulated.
    In this configuration, the Front Roll...
  2. Thanks for all the replys, I'll deffinatly...

    Thanks for all the replys,

    I'll deffinatly submit a Formula SAE Rules Committee enquiry and post the reply here for completeness.
    Z, I've been looking for those chassis pictures for ages but had...
  3. Chassis Rules - Definition of Triangulation

    Hi Everbody,

    This is my first time designing an FS chassis, so I may be making a basic error here.
    I've checked the rules and the forums and haven't managed to find a satisfactory answer so any...
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