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    Gimme a brake.

    Brake pads. Friction is your friend. Looks good on the cost report. Easy to develop using an old lawn tractor as a dyno. Just add some bumps.
  2. Just Give me Some Kind of Sine

    Except that the provisions for Ackermann, negative Ackermann or parallel steering makes that suggestion an unlikely possibility. (It's a
    mistake for teams not to know which way to go in this case....
  3. Party Like It's 1999 (Prince)

    See ? And this is just a simple SIMULATION of the ISO On-Center (Weave) test. It uses approximate lateral acceleration computed as the
    product of yaw velocity and forward speed.1181

    Now, it...
  4. Take Your lumps

    A couple of thoughts on this subject, but may be a repeat of a previous post somewhere in a thread far, far away.

    Steering shafts out of sync, out of phase or out of plane can have a profound...
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    Beleave It or Not..

    Actually, I have some of this data for a few years. Its in Excel spreadsheet(s). Here's a sample from the 2015 Event(s)1167

    You'll be hard pressed to correlate dimensions with results, though,...
  6. Smart App

    Several recent papers out there showing use of raw data from an Android phone (GPS, gyro, and ay) to calculate vehicle dynamics test values. Some may snicker because they can afford to use a $20,00...
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    Solar Flares

    Z. We likey !

    Count on some dream team to construct body panels and aero devices from photovoltaics. For front tires, I'd like to see a 'twin-tire' implementation with skinny low rolling...
  8. Ghost Buster

    It's a ghost town because so few members know what 'simulation' actually is. They confuse simulation with 'tools' . In that case, my best simulations here on the Farm are my Milwaukee battery...
  9. And the answer is: SYNTHESIS

    You would not pick the understeer as a target for a FSAE car. That would be a constraint, goal or target if you were designing a vehicle with large payload changes or anticipating forseeable misuse...
  10. Reality Check

    Take a look at what is probably more like a FSAE car:

    DF=2, DR=1

    DF=2, DR=2

    and DF=1, DR=2.

    Total wgt = 200 kg, distributions 40/60 and 50/50, wheelbase = 1600 mm, steering ratio...
  11. And the answer is ....

    "at the roadwheel" is a common oversimplification and may be the reason so many cars are mischaracterised and so many simulations come out wrong.
    You may be missing the compliance (or lack of) at...
  12. Simple Tests

    There are two simple tests ALWAYS run on mule or prototype cars headed for road tests:

    1) a 'Ride Toe' test. Do it on a wheel alignment machine if possible. Otherwise, measure each wheel on an...
  13. Chassis design specs.

    That's a very good question. Since FSAE cars don't run at break-neck speeds, one of the two principle advantages of an understeering car is the attenuation of steering gain with increasing speed....
  14. Simulation and Testing

    Thank you for that reference. I'll bite offand chew a few comments:

    1) There is relaxation data available on the TTC, AND an example of it processed posted by me, including it's use in simulations...
  15. Simulate what you can test and test what you can simulate

    To reinforce the notion of using simulation pre-construction, I stumbled into this paper from a few years back and though some members might want to take a stab at doing some get-real simulation...
  16. Yes you are missing something.

    Sorry to jump in late in the show, but the problem(s) discussed here are the direct result of building a car from a lame recipe and then asking it to perform tasks that appear to be in direct...
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    Formula SAE Michigan Sponsor Skillshops

    Just in case you have not seen this announcement, here's your sign:

    But, the map pointer is snafu'd, can someone clarify where these...
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    Climbing the Mountain

    While I enjoy these dissertations from future Employed Engineer hopefuls, let me add a simple comment as a wake-up call to those still looking for an education:

    There is NO WAY a manufacturing...
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    Winning Strategies.

    Allow me to add, based on my experience, that choosing a smooth driver/operator can be an important factor in vehicle durability. Someone who is hard on the steering, throttle, brakes, tires and...
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    The shaft

    Whatever you do, make the left and right side drive shafts different torsional stiffness, especially if your LSD is tight.
  21. Validation, Verification, Vindication

    I don't want to hijack Danny's thread, but a professional discussion on validation of FSAE car subsystem designs is long overdue. I'd suggest a new thread to handle the traffic on this subject, but...
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    Bamo Slamo

    LED Code bright red = bad encoder signal error.
    flashing red = too small or missing voltage warning.
  23. Thread: Camber curve

    by BillCobb

    Curvatious Camber

    I'm posting a sample of typical results for a suspension 'camber curve' synthesis process on the TTC Forum. It's there because it contains material produced from a specific tire and conditions...
  24. Thread: Camber curve

    by BillCobb

    I have an incli-Nation.

    Well, to keep this thread from burning out, let me suggest an alt.tactic far removed from the book of conventional suspension design religion:

    Synthesize front and rear dynamic camber curves that...
  25. Smokin O.P.s

    That car was in trouble long before it flamed out. It should have been black flagged just because of the environmental pollution it was spewing. Maybe somebody official should have inspected fuel...
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