View Full Version : Epoxy Resin for sale

12-20-2006, 11:23 AM
I have access to 50 gallons of Epoxy resin and hardener produced by applied poleramic. It is the ER3 or ER4 Resin (i have to ask my supplier) and EH-103 hardener (slow cure) that can be used for vacuuming. applied poleramic (http://appliedpoleramic.com/generalpurposeepoxy.htm)

this is the resin and hardener and more info can be found on that site regarding the properties.

Price is $60US/gallon for resin with hardener. Shipping will be the difficult part and I am not sure what restrictions there will be but I can bring some to the Michigan comp. and give it to you.

please email me at hussefelt@gmail.com if you are interested.