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Cole Pearn - FRR
06-27-2010, 07:56 AM
Entry level race engineer on a Sprint Cup team 2-5 years racing experience recommended. FSAE chassis team leadership experience recommended. Must be willing to start work immediately and relocate to Denver, CO. Job duties of a race engineer are as follows, however tasks will be appropriately divided between the primary race engineer and the entry level race engineer.

Position: Entry Level Race Engineer
Department: Engineering
Reports to: Primary Race Engineer, Crew Chief, Competition Director

Job Description:

This position performs the required engineering related functions for a given race team. In this role, the race engineer reports to the Crew Chief. The race engineer also serves as a technical liaison between the engineering and competition departments at Furniture Row Racing (FRR) and Richard Childress Racing (RCR). FRR and RCR are separate companies tied together in a competition and engineering partnership.

Job Responsibilities:

The responsibilities outlined below will generally be divided between two race engineers on a given team.

1. Works with the crew chief to specify racecar build and setup for all racing and testing events. Works with shop personnel, ensuring that they have the required information to assemble racecars in a timely manner.
2. Works with crew chief and the engineering department to continually improve component designs in a motivated fashion.
3. Develops and executes test plans (objectives, run lists and sensor requirements) for all vehicle tests (track, 7-post, Kinematics and Compliance, etc.). Part of the position’s main focus will be on utilizing the 7-post for various studies. Test reports for all tests (track, 7-post etc.) will be written in a timely fashion.
4. Executes simulation studies to aid in determining optimal setup configurations. Communicates results and conclusions to the crew chief and all FRR/RCR race engineers.
5. Accurately enters all of the required information (i.e., vehicle/component information, setup information, run comments, test and race summaries, etc.) pertaining to the running of the racecar in the FRR/RCR database. At race and testing events, this must be done in a timely fashion to facilitate communication between teams.
6. Technically supports and plays an active role in the crew chief’s and driver’s decision making process to extract maximum performance out of the racecar.
7. Oversees data system installation and calibration for testing.
8. Attends all scheduled race engineering meetings.
9. As required, works on special projects designated by the Crew Chief.
10. As required, works on special projects designated by the Competition Director.
11. Works with the FRR/RCR Engineering Department to continuously improve and perfect the racecar and the various tools (simulation, 7-post, windtunnel, etc.) used by FRR/RCR to optimize its performance.
12. Performs any additional tasks, as required by the Crew Chief or Competition Director.

Job Requirements:

1. Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering or equivalent, Mechanical preferred.
2. Solid foundation in component design and manufacturing.
3. Solid understanding and experience with FEA.
4. Solid foundation and understanding in vehicle dynamics.
5. Strong communication skills, verbal and written.
6. Strong interpersonal skills. Must be able to “get-along” with a broad spectrum of individuals and personalities.
7. Ability to perform in high-pressure, high-stress competitive situations.
8. Strong computer skills. Will be required to run simulation models and analyze the results.
9. 1-3 years experience in a race engineer capacity at Nationwide or Cup (preferred) level is desired.
10. Position requires individual to travel to all test and racing events.
11. Ability to lift and carry 50 lb of deadweight.

Only absolutely top notch candidates will even be considered, please do not waste my time with sub par resumes. If you applied to the previous RCR posting, please feel free to confirm your interest in the position.

Contact me at cole.pearn@furniturerow.com

Cole Pearn - FRR
07-28-2010, 01:09 PM
The position has been filled. Thank you to everyone who applied. We are likely going to be looking for candidates again in the fall.